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Free Medical Clinics and Dental Clinics in Portland, Oregon
102nd Avenue Dental Clinic
102nd Avenue Dental Clinic
After Hours Access Clinic
Albina Head Start 20 sub-sites)
Binnsmead Middle School-based Health Center
Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Center
CareOregon, Inc.
Centennial School District
Centennial School District 8 sub-sites)
Central City Concern
Central Parole and Probation
Clara Vista Family Resource Center
Cleveland High School-based Health Center
David Douglas School District 15 sub-sites)
DCD - Donald E. Long
Early Head Start 4 sub-sites)
Gateway Children's Center
George Middle School
Grant High School-based Health Center
Greenhouse Drop-In Center
HIV Clinic Services
Homeless Children's Program
Hooper Detox
Jefferson High School-based Health Center
Lane Middle School
Lincoln Park Elementary Health Center
Madison High School-based Health Center
Marshall High School-based Health Center
Metro Child Care Resource & Referral
Mid-County Health Center/Dental Clinic
Mt. Hood Head Start 22 sub-sites)
Multnomah County DCHD 5 sub-sites)
Multnomah County DCHS 5 sub-sites)
Multnomah County Health Department
Multnomah County Health Department
Multnomah Education Service District
Native American Rehabilitation Association of the NW
NE Parole and Probation
New Avenues for Youth
North Portland Health Center
Northeast Health Center/Dental Clinic
Old Town Clinic
Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Sites
Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Sites 5 sub-sites)
Parkrose High School-based Health Center
Parkrose Neighborhood Health Access Center
Parkrose School District 6 sub-sites)
Portland Addictions Acupuncture Center
Portland Early Intervention Program 10 sub-sites)
Portland Public Schools 105 sub-sites)
Portsmouth Middle School
PPS ECEC 8 sub-sites)
PPS Head Start 5 sub-sites)
Rockwood Neighborhood Access
Rockwood Neighborhood Health Access Center
Roosevelt High School-based Health Center
Russell Street Dental Clinic
Southeast Dental Clinic
St Francis Dining Hall
Taft Hotel
Westside Health Center/Primary Care
Whitaker Middle School
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